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RSA (SITHFAB002) - Provide responsible service of alcohol

'This class is very intensive and I learned a lot of things. I spent very useful time here. RSA is not just a certification but having RSA means you are responsible for your job on serving alcohol. You could get charged or even go to a jail with any wrong doings.' Jun K.

'I think that the information very valuable for the future. Very nice to know how we can do and how we cannot do with the alcohol.' Marcin L.

'It is really good learning, had a lot of good knowledge, the teacher really good, understand everything properly.' Alance M.

'It was a great course, Cameron made me feel comfortable and made everything easy to understand, very informative.' Amina A.

'It was a great training, explained very thoroughly and statements were clear. Had a good class very fun and educational.' Florerra S.

'I learn so many things about alcohol and abuse of alcohol, how to minimize the risk, how to intoxicate, how to avoid intoxication' Amkura K.

'It was very well explained RSA course. The videos and few activities made this session very interesting. The teacher was very active and kept us passionate about learning.' Sugimand V.

'The course was good enough to know the laws that exist here in Australia, and also know how to act before possible situations.' Jorge I.

'The course was very informative, our trainer was very knowledgeable and help us understand the importance of RSA.' Luke D.

'I really think the class was very important and necessary, I learned a lot of things. The responsibility we have is very big so we have to be able to control any situation.' Daniel S.

'Teacher was great! The class was very interactive and helpful and I enjoyed learning all information relevant to the RSA. This was very knowledgeable and receptive to questions and comments. Thank you!' Sarah F.

'My teacher delivered the RSA course in a far more engaging & interesting manner than anticipated. Great practical examples and industry knowledge contribute to making him an excellent teacher.' Emily C.

'This course had the potential to be very dry, but it was delivered in a very engaging and informative class. My teacher was very good and passionate.' Stephen H.

'The teacher delivered and engaging and fun RSA course. He included lots of relatable and interesting stories both verbally and through video. Extremely passionate and made learning lots of content fun.' James S.

'The course went very smoothly. The instructor has very good knowledge and great at this job. I’d recommend this college to others.' Saramkorn P.

'I learnt a lot, found the information was useful and interesting. Very well-spoken teacher, friendly and easy to understand. The course is excellent.' Nicola M.

'Nice location, friendly trainer, easy to understand.' Joohee J.

'Instructor is extremely thorough via his teaching methods and knows the RSA law back to front. He is clearly very passionate about what he does and it’s refreshing to see someone who cares about what they do.' Leonardo M.

'I loved the course, I was able to learn everything related to alcohol the effects it can have on anyone and how to make everyone enjoys alcohol in a responsible way.' Alexandre M.

'Great interactions. Students and teachers were very entertaining and satisfied with the quality of the class.' Sun H.

'Good "real life" insight. Class was hands on and it was fun. Thanks heaps.' Kate P.

'Thank you very much for an interesting and informative day. The teacher was very engaging.' Amelia D.

'Good class, good explanation.' Priscilla R.

'Lovely time I had doing this course. Very knowledgable.' Yuri A.

RCG (SITHGAM001) - Provide responsible gambling services

'Great course. It was very informative and deliveed by a person with a great deal of knowledge & experience in the industry.' Samuel R.T.

'Great teacher, very energetic and kept us engaged. Key points were repeated by both of the teacher and students which helped retaining information.' Anika K.

'The times fly when you have fun and the teacher made a great job. Congrats and thanks for the knowledge.' Elana J.

'It was good learning with CBD College. The trainer was very energetic, lively in class, lots of information, way a fun class.' Kamal L.

'Lecturer was very fun and fun atmosphere at the moment. It was very great. Actually my friend recommended CBD College so I came here. If I have to get other licenses, I would come here again.' Junji S.

'My trainer was a fantastic presenter. He delivered the course with great enthusiasm and passion.' Katarina G.

'Teacher was amazing. I learned a lot of knowledge about RCG. Great energy and he was very passionate. I will definitely recommend CBD College to my friends.' Emmanuel T.

'I walked into the course with the mindset that it would be boring. However, I enjoyed it, the instructor made it fun and got everyone interact.' Sarah A.

'Was not at all excited for this course, but the trainer made it engaging and fun. Did not feel like 6 hours at all. I would like to recommend CBD College to my friends.' Julie-Anne R.

'Lots of fun, clear information, great day.' Eva B.

'I learn o lot of things from this school, the teacher is funny and good explain.' Darika D.

'My trainer made a boring topic exiting.' Graham D.

'This class is great if you struggle at learning just from reading. Anthony made this very enjoyable and fun.' Brooke P.

'The trainer made what is potentially a difficult topic to deliver, very enjoyable and exiting.' Chris J. S.

'The training was informative and Anthony was a very engaging trainer.' Jordanne S.

'My trainer was very interactive and absolute joy of a teacher. I would recommend CBD College to my friends.' Alex S.

'The trainer was excellent. His knowledge and presentations skills are of a very hight standard.' Katrina G.

'The course is excellent.' Mariano E. F

'Nice and interactive class easy to understand.' Emma Van D

'The teacher was absolutely friendly.' Ayundari O

'This course help me to understand RSA, what should be done and how should be done was very clear.' Karuma S.

'Good clear teacher advices.' Leonardo R.

Australian Barista School

'Fun class, friendly teacher and comfortable teaching environment with lots of practices and personal teaching. I like the way they have eyes on my mistakes while making the whole think in the class.' Khile K.

'Very thorough explanation about the basics of coffee. My take home for the course is how to store and keep coffee fresh with the right pressure, temperature and environment. My trainer was very helpful and encouraging.' Gemma G.

'Wow, I did hot realise that there is so much considerations to be observed in making a good cup of coffee. My trainers really did expanded my knowledge of appreciation of this craft. Thank you for persevering in teaching us.' Maria L.

'As a coffee lover I can say that I had such an amazing day! I could learn a lot about how to make good coffee and the teachers role was rally important during class. He was able to give all the details during the whole process. I just want to say thank you for the great class I've just had.' Danielle S.

'Enjoyed the barista class, provided a great environment where I've learnt more about professional caffee making.' Mark C.

'Training was very helpful and learned a lot from my class.' Alyssa L.

'Learn a lot about the coffee industry that I was completely unaware of. My trainer was a great teacher who showed me great ways an techniques on how to coffee making and milk frothing.' Jason G.

'Learned heaps, very helpful. Trainer is very nice and funny.' Daniela H.

'From my point of view, it is really good training provider. The tutor is really friendly and cooperative to the students, I got to know very good things from him and also it has good environment to learn about barista.' Madhu S.

'This training thought me a lot, I am happy to have done it. Training allowed as to practice having theory.' Camille B.

'This course is really interesting, it mix theory and practice, I recommend it.' Sophie A.

'The course is very interesting and competent. I learned how to make a good cappuccino. The teachers were very nice and professional. It is a course that I recommend.' Massimo R.

'Is is a very good journey to have a full understanding of all different kind of coffee making techniques, teachers were very patient and experienced.' Gunyong Y.

'The staff were friendly and extremely helpful. I've learned so much today and cannot wait to come back and learn more.' Elizabeth F.

'I have learnt so much today. Even if I would not pursue a professional barista career it has enriched my knowledge in a personal way as well.' Francisca P. 

'This class is really interesting and very helpful. The instructors are king and helped me learn coffee making easier.' Sandesh K.

'I found this class helpful to support my career ahead as a barista. My teacher was amazing and it was a fun class with learning.' Vainhali

'The course was very good, I liked the training. The trainers explained very well.' Tatiana O.

'Thank you, the course was very fun, interesting and yummy. I didn't know anything about coffee and now I know so much, particularly the sounds. Thank you.' Veronica S.

'I had great fun learning to be a barista and all about the coffee.The instructors were very close and fun to learn with too.' Jenish B.

'It can help you get better in coffee making and making sure you have really good hygiene to stay consistent in the workplace. Also, learning other things that you haven’t in case, the workplace is strict.' Karl N.

'The training is useful and fun. Thank you for the instructions.' Wan Lin H.

'Very good instructing. Awesome!' Denis V.

'CBD College trainers were really knowledgeable, patient and nice. They made me feel very comfortable and the environment created for the class was just exactly what I was looking for, for my learning processes.' Alejandro L.

'I loved the course. It was fun. The staffs were amazing. Thanks!' Diana B.

'Fast paced and very insightful. Instruction established sound principles around which a new skill can be securely acquired.' Peter C.

'It was my first time to make coffee; so I was very nervous about it, but the way they presented everything was very clear. Due to my nervousness, I did little mistakes during the coffee making, but they explained me everything again in polite manner. It was a very good experience.' Daljeet K.

'Very friendly and durable course. Very good teachers. Thank you.' Anna B.

'The class was very interesting and found it worthy. I enjoyed the class.' Deepa S.

'It was a very nice experience. I will recommend this course to my friend. Everyone were very nice and kind.' Alexander D.

'Excellent Course! Rocelle explained everything clearly and precisely with a good mixture of theory and practice- very well presented! I would highly recommend this course.' Glenn G.

'The presenter of the class today was professional at every level. She spoke clearly and precisely and was easy to understand and follow her trainings. She answered all the questions we asked.' Helen G.

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